Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Maintenance

Precision Cooling Tune-up 
Throughout an Economic Maintenance package, 
A technician will:


  • Suction pressure and temperature
  • Discharge pressure and temperature
  • All safety controls for proper operation
  • All motor bearings
  • Operation and condition of compressor
  • Crankcase heater operation
  • Thermostat operation


  • Blower motor, lubricating as needed
  • Condenser fan motor, lubricating as needed
  • nspect & tighten all wiring connections
  • Evaporator coil
  • All capacitors for bulges
  • Disconnect box at outdoor unit


  • Condensate drain, pipe and coil
  • Blower wheel, if applicable


  • Temp. difference between return & air supply
  • Blower motor belt if applicable
  • Blower speed, adjusting as needed
  • Voltage and amperage of all motors

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